Finally, a Claim Management
System Built for Carriers



CarrierClaim™ can be fully integrated with your TMS, accounting software, or other internal systems.

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Fully customizable

Create custom fields and choose which fields are required. Select from pre-programmed claim status options, or define your own to suit your needs.



Manage multiple levels of users

Create multiple administrative levels to allow users different levels of access, permissions and payment authority levels. Stop emailing your claim spreadsheet back and forth between coworkers. Work with a centralized, online database that supports multiple users concurrently, regardless of their work location.



Get fast, easy access to supporting documents

Store photos, bills of lading, receipts and other claim-related documentation securely with the claim record within the system. Email claimants and insurers from within the application; all Sent mail is organized and documented within CarrierClaim. Emails are organized within the system alongside the corresponding claim.




Reduce human error


Prevent missing data

Required fields can be set to prevent users from proceeding without including important data fields or documents.



Avoid paying unsupported claims

System alerts the user upon attempt to approve payment without all required documentation.


Get answers from management - faster

When a user is presented with a claim amount above their approval level, the system triggers an escalation process to notify users with higher authority.


Time Saving Features


Automatically notify key personnel

Claim amounts or claim reasons will trigger notices to designated user groups; for example, a hazardous spill will trigger notification to the environmental team and upper management.

Fast follow up

Automatically generate notification letters along with follow-up letters at 30, 60 and 90 day intervals. 

Go paperless

Reduce paper, postage, and storage costs by digitizing your filing process.

Automate tedious claim tasks

Cut down on busy work such as data entry and reporting. Create and convert OS&D incident reports into carrier claims instantly.

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