OS&D Incident Module


Collect claim details immediately

Successful claims start with detailed documentation. OS&D Incident allows Receiving to enter an incident which can later be converted into a freight claim. Once the incident is closed, the system stores the reason for closure for use in later reporting.

Data sharing made easy

The cloud-based database makes it easy to share incident details in real time with all stakeholders, both inside and outside the company. No more emailing copies of spreadsheets to insurers. Plus, detailed privacy settings allow you to control which incidents an outside stakeholder has access to.

Collect data for accident prevention

Customizable fields allow you to collect, store, and review the details of past incidents for prevention and risk management. The system can even handle near misses.

Set rules to schedule tasks automatically

The Tasks Scheduler allows you to decide, in advance, when tasks should be created and scheduled. For example, you might decide to prioritize the processing of large claims over $10,000. You could then create a rule so that any claim with a value over $10,000 has a task automatically scheduled. You can also set account-specific priority level, as well as define the deadline for the task.

Stop searching through emails

Emails can be sent from within the system, so all email correspondence is stored within the incident record. No more searching through your sent emails for a paper trail or needed file. Email functionality also allows you to check who your colleagues have emailed about the incident; no more cluttering your inbox with CCed messages.

Get task reminders as you need them

Alerts can be set to remind you of task deadlines as needed. Choose to have reminders sent via email, or only within the system.


Finally, a system for tracking OS&D incidents, as they happen.