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Myezclaim product features

Wondering how MyEZClaim freight claim software can streamline your filing process? Or how it can help you prevent freight claims before they happen? Get all the details here.

MyEZUptime Shipping Claim Software Considerations

In this comprehensive white paper, we'll explain all of the safeguards that we've taken to ensure security and uptime.


Freight Claim Assistance Program Brochure

Want to manage your claims like an expert, while keeping them in house? We'll teach you everything you need to know with the Freight Claim Assistance Program.

Freight Claim Software Checklist

This ebook explains the 9 things to look for when shopping for freight claim software - and why.



Determining Your Freight Claim Costs


Whitepaper - Analysis of Administrative Costs

Learn how to identify, calculate, and evaluate claim costs in this comprehensive whitepaper. Full explanations as well as tables throughout the document make understanding the calculations easy.

Freight Claim Calculator

Do you know how much your freight claims are actually costing you? Do you know how much they're costing you in hidden expenses like labor, salvage costs, and even postage costs? Find out with our Freight Claim Calculator.


Freight Claim Forms


Generic Freight Claim Form

Save time searching for the correct freight claim form. This universal freight claim form is accepted by every carrier – so it’s the only one you’ll ever need. Plus, it’s in an editable format so you can type directly into the form and print or send via email.

Freight Claim Letter Samples for 30, 60, 90, and 120 Day Reminders

Struggling with how to write a tactful freight claim letter? Let us do the writing for you. Just download these four freight claim letter samples, and replace our information with your own.


Return to Vendor Claim Form

Whether you’re filing a claim against your carrier or your vendor, it just needs to get done – quickly and effectively. Streamline your return to vendor process with this fully editable vendor claim form.