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Freight Claim Management Products

We streamline the complex processes of cargo and freight claim management using a state-of-the-art freight claim management software application designed for experienced transportation professionals. Our products and auxiliary services were thoughtfully developed with the user in mind. They were created to simplify the entire work-flow process with the latest work management technologies from data entry, document storage and information management to carrier claim payments. We provide all of the necessary tools to manage your freight claim needs, ranging from freight claim notification, tracking, search capabilities, claim presentation and multiple robust reporting tools and dashboards.



Freight Claim Software
For Shippers, Brokers & 3PLs

OS&D Incident Module

Incident Management Software
For Consignees

Vendor Claim

Vendor Claim Software
For Shippers & Consignees

Return Authorization

Return Management Software
For Shippers, Consignees, Brokers & 3PLs


Overcharge Claim Software
For Shippers, Brokers & 3PLs


Freight Claim Software
For Carriers


Driving your business forward

Our goal is to make your business as efficient as possible, saving you time and money everyday.


Easy to learn and use

With its intuitive interface, most users are ready to use MyEZClaim after just one hour-long training session.


24/7 support

Both user and tech support is offered 24/7 via phone or email.


Capture and organize every detail

There are over 200 core data fields into which freight claim data can be entered, allowing you to capture all of the necessary claim information. All software upgrades are included with your subscription. 

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