We have worked hard to generate a cost effective freight claim management system that spans across industries and company size. We’ve helped 350 companies in several industries reduce their losses and more effectively manage their freight claims.

Best Buy

The reduction in the time it takes to process the claims is allowing us to actually find root causes versus just doing the back-end process of filing and collecting on the claim…Preventing the claim is what I’d rather focus the time on.

Lee Bradley, Manager L&D Recovery, Scheduling and Carrier Performance

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Da-Lite Screen Company

MyEZClaim was designed with simplicity in mind…the point and click work technology allows us to complete a claim in minutes and the detailed reports allow us to mine for valuable claim data for analysis.

Gregg Foster, Materials Manager

InFocus Corp

The biggest benefit we’re going to get out of MyEZClaim is the visibility of claims – what type of products are being lost and what carriers are losing our freight, broken up by our different business centers. It’s nice with a couple of clicks of a button to see where we are, instead of putting in the U.S. information and then asking the other logistics managers around the world, to send in their data for report consolidation.

Jerrod Slaughter, Transportation Manager

Phillips Petroleum

As an MyEZClaim customer for the past four years, I am impressed with their customer service. They promptly return my telephone calls or emails when I have a question and are always eager to improve their product with any recommendation I suggest…Fast, easy to navigate and real-time. This is the only way to process and manage your freight claims.

Carol Samples, Claims Analyst

CDS Freight Claim Management

Once I started using [MyEZClaim], I said, why would I want to develop my own software? This is as good as it’s going to get…The software is very easy to use and intuitive. In addition, we found TranSolutions to be willing to work with us in making changes and customization.

Dick Lucarelli, current Vice President at CDS
Former logistics software developer

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Freight Management Inc.

With the number of clients we have spread across the state and country, visibility of reports and the ability to data input from anywhere were key selling points to us. We have clients in different cities logging on, entering claims data and generating their own company claim reports, whenever they want to. MyEZClaim offered us a unified solution that offered our clients visibility, efficiency and was cost effective.

Dwayne Phillips, IT Director

MESCA Freight Services

Thank you for offering such a great application as our customers love its functionality. We’re glad to have this partnership.

Lisa King, V.P. Of Operations


The program is working really well! I’ve been able to figure out a lot of perks by exploring. The program is simple, fast, and easy to work with.

Oanh Pham, Accounting

Future Electronics

Thank you for the great program and the support you provide us. This program has really made a difference in the processing and reporting of our claims.

Theresa Potasky, Transportation Supervisor

Cornerstone Systems

You guys and the product, MyEzClaim has made my life easier. Thank you for all you do.

Jonathan Ward, Risk Manager