We offer a number of freight claim management services, depending on your needs. Whether you need a second opinion on a tough claim, or full service management, we can help.

Manage Claims in House, with Expert Advice

If you want to get the most return from your claims, while keeping claim processing in house, this is the best option for you. Our Freight Claim Assistance Program provides you with our proven claim management process, as well as form letters and stock responses to reverse carriers’ declined claim decisions. Plus, we’ll ensure your success with monthly one-on-one coaching with our resident claims expert. Learn more

Giving up on that Declined Claim? Call Us First.

Not all claims are recoverable – but sometimes carriers can be convinced. With our Post Audit Claim Service, we will review your declined claims and use our extensive knowledge of claim law to convince carriers to reverse their decision and pay your claim. We will also review your closed paid claims to determine if you were paid the maximum amount you are entitled to. If not, we will reopen the claim and refile it on your behalf. Our Post Audit Claim Service is billed on a commission only basis – if we don’t recover additional funds, our review is free. Learn more

Relax with Full Service Freight Claim Management

With our full service option, we take care of your entire freight claim process. We handle everything including filing, carrier follow-up, payment collection, and reporting. All you need to do is cash your monthly payment. Plus, we’ll keep you in the loop with monthly update reports. Email us for a quote.