MyEZClaim is built to provide you with an efficient and streamlined filing experience. Here are the steps you’ll follow when filing with MyEZClaim.

First Time Set Up

Before you start with the system, we’ll help you import any carrier or product information from your TMS, database, or spreadsheets. You’ll also enter your company contact information into the system. This will speed up data entry when you file your first claim. We’ll also do three hours of one-on-one training to help you get comfortable with MyEZClaim.

Data Entry

Now that you’re ready to file a claim, the first step is data entry. Select your carrier from the drop down menu, and the rest of the information associated with that carrier will populate the form. You can do the same with the product name or code.

If the carrier or product isn’t in the system yet, just type in the information. It will be stored if you ever need to file an additional claim with that carrier or product.

If you’ve forgotten to enter data into a required field, you’ll get an alert reminding you to enter the data before you’ll be able to send the form. This reduces the number of claims that carriers decline due to missing information. Administrative level users can customize which fields are required.

Working with Multiple Users

If you were previously working in a spreadsheet stored on your desktop, you may have had the challenge of attempting to work on the spreadsheet at the same time as other users. MyEZClaim is cloud based, so multiple users can work in the system simultaneously without any issues. If your coworker needs to enter a claim from home while you’re entering your data, you won’t be affected.

Generate a Claim Form

The next step is to create a claim form to send to your carrier. With one click, the system will generate your claim form. No need to look up a form specific to your carrier – MyEZClaim’s forms are accepted by all carriers.

Add Supporting Documentation

Next you’ll need to add documents such as the bill of lading, receipts for repairs, photos of the damage, etc. You can store these within the claim record in MyEZClaim so you don’t need to look for them in a separate file later.

If you have a document that is related to the claim but you don’t want it to be seen by your carrier, you can flag it in the system as Internal Use Only. This will prevent the document from being sent to your carrier.

Send Your Claim

To send your claim to your carrier, you can print and mail it, or you can send it electronically to save postage and printing costs. You can even email the claim directly from within MyEZClaim. This allows you to store the sent message alongside your claim, within the system. When the carrier responds, you can also reply from within MyEZClaim, keeping your email trail organized and accessible within the claim record.

Following Up

If your carrier hasn’t responded after 30 days, you can automatically generate a follow up letter to remind your carrier of your claim. MyEZClaim will automatically include all of the relevant information, such as the date that you filed, the amount that you’re claiming, the product that was damaged, etc. If the carrier still doesn’t get back to you, you can generate additional, more urgently worded reminder letters at 60, 90, and 120 days after filing.

Now that you understand the basic steps, take a tour of MyEZClaim’s interface. Request a demo and free trial here.