What is the difference between your different applications?

Each application is designed for a different type of freight claim management task, and for use by different types of companies.

Managing loss & damage claims
For shippers, brokers & 3PLs

Managing vendor overcharges
For shippers, brokers & 3PLs

Return Authorization
Managing customer & vendor returns
For shippers, consignees, brokers & 3PLs

Vendor Claims
Managing claims against the vendor or shipper
For shippers & consignees

Carrier Wise
Monitoring carrier insurance
For shippers, brokers & 3PLs

Managing claims filed against you
For carriers

What is included in the MyEZClaim subscription?

Your MyEZClaim subscription includes the following:
• Full use of the software
• Automatic upgrades at no extra cost
• Secure storage of your cargo claims data
• Daily backups of your data
• Complete product & technical support via email or telephone
• 3 hours of one-on-one product training

How much does the MyEZClaim freight claim management application cost?

MyEZClaim is available as a flat subscription fee on an annual basis, or on a per claim basis billed at the end of each quarter in arrears. After using MyEZClaim, our clients find that the system pays for itself through reduced shipping claim costs. Request quotes & pricing here.

What happens if my internet access is down?

If your internet access is down, you will not be able to access your MyEZClaim shipping claim management account, but all of your shipping claim data is safely stored at our TranSolutions Data Center. You can access your MyEZClaim account from any computer with internet access.

What type of internet connection do I need?

We recommend a high-speed connection, such as DSL or cable modem. You can use a slower internet connection, but it will take you longer to transfer data between the sites and longer to file your cargo claims.

Can I export data from our current Transportation Management System?

Absolutely. You can export your data into an Excel spreadsheet to upload into MyEZClaim. Or, we can work with you to integrate your TMS with MyEZClaim to ensure that your claim data is always synced with your TMS.

How much accounting do I need to know?

You do not need to know any accounting to use MyEZClaim. We will train you on everything you need to know. After we provide you with the freight claim management training, you will be ready to generate and manage your freight claims. We also offer easy instructions and simple, recognizable shipping claim forms so you can quickly and confidently be up and running.

How to Try MyEZClaim Before You Buy

Do trial users have complete access to the full version of MyEZClaim?

Yes – we provide you with the full version so you can explore all aspects of MyEZClaim. We will also train you on the software and help you import your data so you get an accurate picture of what it is like to use the software. You can register for a free 30-day trial of the full version of MyEZClaim here.

Will I be automatically charged at the end of the 30-day trial?

No – and we don’t require a credit card to sign up for your trial. We want you to try MyEZClaim risk free, at no cost.

What happens to my trial data if I decide to sign up?

If you subscribe to MyEZClaim after the 30-day trial, you will continue using the same account that was created for you, containing all of the cargo claims data that you entered.

What happens to my trial data if I don’t sign up?

If you do not subscribe, we will export your cargo claims data into an Excel spreadsheet, which we will then send to you. You do not lose any of your newly organized cargo claims data. After your exported data is sent to you, we will delete your data and your freight claim management account from our system.

How do I get started with a free MyEZClaim trial?

Just call us at 480-473-2453 or request a demo and trial here. First we’ll schedule a demo to show you the system. If you like what you see, we’ll set up an account for your free 30 day trial. During your trial, you’ll have access to the same support we offer our customers, so you can get answers to any of your questions.

You can request a demo and trial here.

Safety and Security

How safe is it to send my freight claim data over the internet?

Your data is extremely secure. MyEZClaim uses the same technology used by online banks to transmit your information securely over the internet.

Do you backup my cargo claims data?

Yes, your cargo claims data is backed up daily. In addition to always maintaining two copies of your cargo claims data, we automatically back up your updated cargo claims data every night to our read-only server. Your cargo claims data is stored on firewall-protected, redundant servers so your data is safe from hardware and software failures, hackers, and viruses.

Can I get a copy of my cargo claims data on my hard drive?

Absolutely. We can email you a backup of your cargo claim database on a weekly basis as an add-on feature. There is a small nominal start-up fee and a yearly maintenance fee for this service. This gives you the added comfort and control of storing your cargo claim data yourself in addition to having us back it up.

Customer Service

What kind of support is included?

We pride ourselves on our customer support. Here’s how you can get your questions answered:

• Email support@myezclaim.com. One of our trained support technicians will provide a response within 2 hours.
• Call us at 480-473-2453. If the line is busy, leave a message and one of our customer support technicians will call you back within 2 hours.

Read our testimonials to see what our customers thought of our customer support.

How does the MyEZClaim training work?

Once you get started with your trial, we’ll schedule training sessions for you with our Customer Service Manager. The MyEZClaim training sessions are conducted online using WebEx. You (and your team) and trainer will be able to see the same screen, and you can ask questions via telephone or through online chat. We’ll do 3 hour long training sessions, but our clients typically feel very confident with MyEZClaim after the first session.

Do I have access to tech support for MyEZClaim?

We provide full technical support to all of our clients. You can contact us at support@myezclaim.com or via telephone at 480-473-2453. We will provide a follow-up response within 2 hours.

I can’t find the answer to my question here.

If you haven’t found the information you need, we are happy to answer all of your questions via sales@transolutionsinc.com or at 480-473-2453.

Ready to learn more? Sign up for a demo and free trial.