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Freight Claim Management Products

TranSolutions, Inc. is the largest provider of freight claim management software solutions. As an innovator in cargo and freight claim management technology, TranSolutions claim management applications are built on platforms you can trust. Platforms that are secure, reliable and fast. It powers nearly 350 businesses providing services to more than 3,000 companies which 6 thousand users count on every day. The TranSolutions Platform, team of technology and business experts, and our data services group, sets TranSolutions apart from all others. TranSolutions offers various products including Loss and Damage (Cargo), Carrier Claims, Overcharge, Vendor Claims and Return Authorization. These applications are built on a cloud-driven platform fueled by fast response times, rich navigational functions, key core fields to capture operating data along with a multitude of work management features built to insure efficient workflows. Our mission is to provide technology advanced applications that give you the ability to do so much more than you and your team can image.


The Cargo Claim module in MyEZClaim was developed to enable you to file transportation freight claims more efficiently and cost-effectively than with manual or traditional transportation freight claim software systems. Streamlining your freight claim process allows you to improve cash flow, reduce employee hours spent on filing and managing your transportation freight claims and increase profit margins.

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Carrier Claims

CarrierClaim™ was developed to enable Carriers to receive,process and manage freight claims more efficiently and cost-effectively. CarrierClaim™ streamlines your cargo claims process through state-of-the-art workflow processing and data mining capabilities. Claim task automation reduces labor costs while improving customer response times. Experience these capabilities on a fully customizable system with different levels of permissions and payment authorities while having complete management visability. Discover how CarrierClaims™ will revolutionize your claims management process.

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The transportation Overcharge Claim module makes it easy for companies and transportation freight audit professionals to streamline their overcharge freight claims processing, saving time and reduce costs.

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Vendor Claims

The Vendor Claims module was developed to provide a quicker and more efficient way for logistics professionals to process and manage their claim with their vendor. This new module has allowed clients to improve their relationship and streamline processes with their vendors.

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Return Authorization

The Return Authorization module was developed to provide a quicker and more efficient way for logistics professionals to process and manage their customer and vendor returns, thereby improving customer service and cash flow for their business. It was established as a means to link the customer and your distribution centers with your carriers that will move the freight back to a central collection location.

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