TranSolutions, Inc. is the largest provider of freight claim management software solutions. We are proud to offer a series of specialized solutions for several challenges involved with freight claim management.

Freight Claim Management – For Shippers, Brokers & 3PLs


MyEZClaim allows shippers, brokers, and 3PLs to streamline their freight claim management. With pre-populating forms, preset reminders and automatically generated carrier communications, MyEZClaim users can file a claim in just ten minutes.

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Freight Claim Management – For Carriers


CarrierClaim™ was developed to enable carriers to receive, process, and manage freight claims more efficiently and cost-effectively. CarrierClaim™ streamlines your cargo claims process through state-of-the-art workflow processing and data mining capabilities. Claim task automation reduces labor costs while improving customer response times. This fully customizable system includes multiple levels of permissions and payment authorities while allowing you to maintain complete management visibility. Discover how CarrierClaim™ will revolutionize your claims management process.
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Incident Management Software – For Consignees

OS&D Incident

OS&D Incident is a cloud-based system that allows you to document an incident, and share with all stakeholders as soon as it occurs. Finally, you can stop sifting through emails and spreadsheets, and focus on the situation.
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Overcharge Claim Management – For Shippers, Brokers & 3PLs


Overcharge allows you to more efficiently manage claims for overpayments. The system automatically calculates overcharge payments based on the mileage or the weight rate, and incorporates deadline reminders to avoid missed claims. Overcharge’s processes and alerts have helped our clients increase claim recovery by 15% above the industry average.

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Vendor Claim Management – For Shippers & Consignees

Vendor Claim

The Vendor Claim system allows you to streamline claims against vendors that are not transportation related. The system tracks and documents all claim activities, allowing for easy follow-up and audits. With full integration with MyEZClaim, freight claims can automatically be converted into vendor claims. Learn more about why Vendor Claim is the best system for vendor claim management.

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Return Management – For Shippers, Consignees, Brokers & 3PLs

Return Authorization

Manage returns to clients and vendors in one system with the Return Authorization module. Allow the system to track the status of each return, with space for custom categories and notes. Discover situations leading to returns using the advanced data mining features, allowing you to reduce the number of returns in the long run.

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Carrier Insurance Management – For Shippers, Brokers & 3PLs

Carrier Wise

Carrier insurance coverage is a very real issue when it comes to freight claim management. Regardless of the strength of the evidence and claim, a carrier’s lack of insurance coverage can mean the difference between proper reimbursement and total loss. Keep track of all of your carriers and their insurance coverage with Carrier Wise.

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