One More Chance to Recover Losses From Carriers

TranSolutions is pleased to offer a free post freight audit claim service in conjunction with CDS Inc. to recover unclaimed or denied freight claim losses. This allows you to recover the maximum amount possible before accepting these claims as losses.

How Does the Post Audit Service Work?

Our legal experts at CDS Inc. will review both claims that were denied by carriers, as well as unfiled claims to regain losses that previously would have been accepted as irretrievable.

Recovering Denied Claims – Often times the correct legal argument will be enough to convince a carrier to pay a previously denied claim. CDS’s legal expertise allows them to know when and how to use the law, court cases and precedents set by carriers to resolve claims in your favor. We are pleased to provide you with the expertise of a freight claim legal department, without the cost.

Recovering Losses from Unfiled Claims – We will mine your unfiled claims to find areas where substantial costs could be recovered from the total of unfiled claims.

Reviewing Previously Accepted Claims – We will review claims that have been accepted by your carrier to determine if you are receiving the full amount that you are entitled to.

How Can the Post Audit Service be Free?

We are able to fund the service through a percentage of the funds that we recover for you. In this way, we guarantee that you will leave with more money in your pocket than before using the service. If we are unable to recover additional funds for you, we will not receive any payment for the service.

How Much Can I Really Recover?

Results vary by company, but through our audits we have found that:

  • Small unfiled claims of $50 – $100 often add up to thousands of dollars of opportunity lost
  • On average, as much as 10% – 20% in recoverable expenses are not included in the initial freight claim
  • We recovered over $500,000 for one company over 6 months

Taking this one last step reduces negative cash flow and helps to recover freight claim losses.

How Can I Get Started?

  • Sign up for the service using the form below
    • Note: because of the popularity of this service, it is offered on a first come-first-served basis
  • Allow us to review your closed online or paper claims
  • Receive claims payments and findings report
  • Agree, through governing NDA and terms, recovery portion of payments received for this service

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