Joseph Celestina

Sales & Marketing Executive/Director of Business Development/Principal

Joseph Celestina’s vision was to revolutionize the way we process cargo claims. From 1982 to 1997 Mr. Celestina served in various capacities as a member of a Sherwin Williams Divisional Logistics Staff focusing on financial accounting, Transportation and Distribution management. There he saw the gross inefficiency, unorganized, and confusion of the cargo claims system, and he resolved to establish a more elegant, cost-effective, and time-effective method.

With over a decade of experience in the logistics profession, Mr. Celestina presented the problem of shipping claim filing to his brothers, Andrew and Pete. With their combined experience in IT and logistics, they founded TranSolutions. Since then, they have been changing the way we manage transportation functions relating to cargo claims, vendor credits, returns and freight charge overbillings.

Joseph now leverages his 15 years experience in the logistics industry to ensure that all processes used by TranSolutions’ web applications follow industry best practices. This has resulted in a 95% rate of resolution for claims filed using TranSolutions’ web applications.

Mr. Celestina attended Catholic University and graduated from Cleveland State University. He earned his MBA from Cleveland State Business School of Management. He is a member of the Transportation Consumer Protection Council (TCPC).

Pete Celestina

Sales & Marketing Executive/Director of Account Services/Principal

Pete Celestina has spent over 30 years working in various roles in IT organizations for higher education, engineering, retail, chemical manufacturing, health insurance, credit card financial services, and large software manufacturers.  In addition he has spent several years as a Project Manager managing Data Center construction, consolidations, migrations and relocations. His experience in such a wide range of industries enables him to understand and accommodate the unique challenges of businesses in a variety of differing industries.

Pete Celestina is a graduate of Cleveland State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Andrew Celestina

Chief Information Officer/Principal

Andrew Celestina is a key designer and programmer of the MyEZClaim freight claim product which has grown into a full range enterprise web-based product used by a large number of fortune 500 companies.  Andrew started his career with NASA Glenn Research Center working on the Space Station Freedom Program developing engineering support applications.  After nine years, he joined the private industry working for and consulting to a number of insurance and financial companies.

With over 35 years of IT experience, and experience in technologies ranging from Java to .NET, Andrew is a driving force in the design & execution of Transolutions’ elegant & cost-effective claims management systems.

Andrew graduated from Cleveland State University with a Quantitative Business Analysis (QBA) and Operations Research (OR)/Computer and Information Science degree and later received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Baldwin Wallace College.

Mary Ann Krevh

Client Services Manager

Mary Ann Krevh has been involved in product development for over 25 years, with companies such as Ethicon Inc., Hill-Rom Inc., American Greetings, Century Products and Graco Children’s Products.  Her involvement was diverse, and included marketing, concept development, graphics, ergonomics and design integration, producing many successful products resulting in numerous design and mechanical patents.

Mary Ann is a graduate from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Art, Design, Architecture and Planning, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Design.

Mary Ann has been an integral part of the TranSolutions team since 2003. As the Director of Client Services, Mary Ann ensures that clients are trained effectively on all of TranSolutions’ timesaving application features. She is also a key part of the product development process, ensuring that clients’ needs and requests are transformed into new product features by the development team.  Mary Ann also manages and assists TranSolutions’ client support staff, ensuing that clients receive continuous online support for numerous MyEZClaim accounts.

Josh Randolph

Project Manager of Development/Chief Architect

Josh has over 16 years of experience in software development with skills in web-based multi-tier architecture applications.  Josh has worked as a developer and lead developer for many large scale organizations, such as Harris InfoSource, Dun & Bradstreet, and Sage Quest. Within TranSolutions, he is a technology leader.  He is responsible for developing and managing the TranSolutions cloud based software in order to meet the high demand of businesses and ensure that these applications operate efficiently with high availability and uptime.

Mike Goodwin

Data Center Director / Senior Network Architect

Mike has over 16 years of experience designing, building, and automating environments in the manufacturing, banking, and service industries.  Prior to joining the TranSolutions team, Mike worked as the Senior Technology Architect with the firm that built and supplies the online parts locator used in every Ford and GM dealership in America… an application that could never afford to be offline. He has now taken the helm as TranSolutions’ Global Application Delivery Architect, where he works to ensure that TranSolutions’ web applications have the same stringent uptime standards required at Ford and GM.

Also since mastering Microsoft technologies as an MCSE in 1997, Mike has engineered automated workstation build processes for large banking entities (up to 25,000 seats), designed and deployed custom high-availability database clusters for renowned hospitals, and envisioned and built a multi-site, scheduled, automated SQL backup using off-the-shelf products and writing the management layer to orchestrate these individual components into a single, powerful tool.