TranSolutions was created as a direct result of Joe Celestina’s frustrations managing freight claims.

Celestina started his career in logistics as a logistics manager for Sherwin Williams in 1985. There, one of his key responsibilities was overseeing freight claims processing.

The only option at the time was to file the forms manually. It was a long and continual process. The redundancy, the inefficiency, and the continual mental drain of trying to track so many details were frustrating. It was demoralizing to see the sheer waste of time and resources.

In an effort to solve the problem, Celestina approached his brother, a software developer. Together they developed a program to automate the filing process. They created forms that could be pre-populated, carrier letters saved as templates, and automated reminders to keep track of deadlines. Then they put everything into a central database that could store all the information and documents in one place. It was an instant success.

MyEZClaim Today

Fast forward two decades and the basic system has grown. MyEZClaim has gone from a simple way to speed the process of freight claim filing, into a sophisticated system that includes reporting features for even the most savvy data-miner. Claims managers are now using MyEZClaim to prevent freight damages, in addition to processing their claims.

TranSolutions has now serviced many of the corporations that have recognizable brands world-wide including Fortune 1000 companies such as Best Buy, Cabela’s, Caterpillar, McCain Foods, Conoco Philips, Costco, General Electric, Hewlett Packard, Home Depot, Johnson & Johnson, Kohl’s, L’Oreal Paris, Mars, Neiman Marcus, Nike, Nordstrom, Phillips Electronics, Restoration Hardware, TJX, ConAgra Foods as well as companies as small as two employees.

A More Inclusive Offering

After focusing exclusively on claim management for claimants, TranSolutions is now expanding their offering to service carriers.  The new CarrierClaim module offers the same robust features as MyEZClaim, as well as carrier-specific features, such as tracking for salvage sales. CarrierClaim even allows carriers to import claims from their shippers’ MyEZClaim systems, reducing the need for data entry.

Working on Prevention

TranSolutions has always placed a strong emphasis on prevention. MyEZClaim helps users accomplish this by making it easy to find trends in the data. In 2014, TranSolutions expanded this effort with their Carrier Wise module. This module helps users monitor their carriers’ insurance to make sure that they hold sufficient, up-to-date insurance. In this way, it helps ensure that when a claim occurs, carriers will be able to pay it.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, TranSolutions continues to update each module based on customer feedback. They also develop new systems based on their clients’ needs. With a strong team and a focus on customer service, TranSolutions looks forward to the future.